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How To Use Our Home Plans Site

How To Use Our Home Plans Site

Thanks for coming to our site and using it. And we DO want you to use our site.
Here’s A Video Tutorial on How To Navigate The Site:

After creating hundreds of new home plans and building hundreds of new homes for over 25 years in this area, we know the process of creating and building a custom home doesn’t have to cost you an additional 15 to 20% of your building budget. And we know you don’t have to just settle for the same plain, “cookie-cutter”, 20 or 30 boring home plans offered by most builders.

One of our goals for this site is to provide you with a great resource to discover fresh new home plans that blend into our Washington D.C. neighborhoods. Homes in a variety of sizes and a variety of styles. Here’s a few styles you’ll see on our site: Contemporary, Transitional, Arts and Crafts, Modern, French Provincial, Colonial, Vastu, French Country, One Level Ramblers or Ranch, First-Floor Master Suites, Side Load Garages, Cottages, and Farm House, to name a few.

Another one of our goals is to bring custom home plans and construction down to an affordable price level.
With our in-house architecture team, I know what it costs to create these plans and it’s NOT what the “fancy-pants” designers are charging out there. Not even close.

There are too many boxy and boring homes scattered through out our neighborhoods. And so many of these homes are sited on a property with so little thought and care it makes me want to find that builder and give him or her our entire plan portfolio to use (on second thought…that’s not gonna happen).

It’s a shame for the homeowner when some of these builders build home plans where the yard has tons of room on the sides (where nobody wants to go), yet so little rear yard space because the house juts so far into the rear yard there’s no good usable room left over. And that’s because these builders don’t have the capability to easily modify their limited inventory of 20 or 30 plans to fit the lot!

So, here’s what you do, and it’s going to take a little work on your part. You’ll need to spend about 20 minutes scrolling through all of our home plans on this site (about 110 and growing weekly). Grab a pad of paper and pencil and start making notes. Mark down the features and parts of plans and elevations (exterior view) you like. And even the ones you don’t. Then give me a call or shoot me an email. And I’ll tell you what you do next. Here’s my number 301-370-6463 and here’s my email

And give me your feedback. Let me know what you think of our plans (good or not good) and if you’re looking
for something you don’t see, let me know that too (it may just be on our drawing board).

Thanks for using our site.

Kevin and Rob

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