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Our Services

How we use our design, specification and pricing methodology to create a new home plan you’ll love.


Our goal isn’t just to give you a new home plan, but a comprehensive assessment to assist you in your decision making.

Most clients hire us for the following services:

1. Define your land and new home requirements

2. Create concept plan

3. Assist in understanding which financing options are best for your situation

4. Assist in finding building lots (if you don’t have a lot)

5. Perform feasibility studies

6. Create detailed specificaitons

7. Calculate new home building cost

8. Calculate sites costs, such as: demolition (if applicable), excavation, retaining walls, tree removal, landscape,
sediment control,

9. Calculate utility connection fees and costs, such as: water utility, sewer utility, electric utility and gas utility connection

10. Calculate permitting and bonding costs


We don’t work with everyone

Unfortunately, we can’t work with new home projects of budgets less than $400,000. There just aren’t enough of us to go around. Please don’t take offense if this describes your new home project. We can still help you via these valuable free reports.


Whatever your requirements, please contact us for a free and confidential discussion.

Whatever your situation, our team of experts can handle any (or all) elements of the whole land acquisition, financing, zoning and feasibility study, new home design and building process from start to finish.

We’ve built hundreds of home projects in the Washington D.C. metro area for our clients. Why not experience it for yourself?

Get in touch so we can arrange a confidential chat about what you need and how we can help build your dream home.


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